Glycerin soap

Glycerin soap has been known for about 200 years and is traded as a luxury product. This soap has a higher glycerin content than other soaps.


As the body's own humectant glycerol is considered to be an excellent tolerated substance. Glycerine has been known for cosmetics for many years and clearly exceeds the moisturizing effect of urea.


In addition, glycerin provides perfect protection for the skin barrier, as evidenced by recent studies. In addition, a proven increase in skin elasticity is attested.



no allergies


The advantages of glycerin soaps compared to mostly artificial tensides are not only the excellent biodegradability, but also their suitability for allergic people. The mild fats of glycerin soap, in contrast to synthetic surfactants, do not act as allergens and are thus well tolerated by most people. Anyway, allergic reactions are usually triggered by perfumes and other additives.



Optimal skin care


Vegetable Glycerin is used as a moisturizer for dry and dehydrated skin in skin lotions and as an irritation-reducing additive in skin and hair cleansers. In addition, due to its water-binding character, it is used as a moisturizer in many cosmetic products.

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At Glycerina Seifenparty, we use only high quality vegetable glycerine soap bases. They are manufactured to strict EU cosmetics safety regulations in Europe and contain no parabens, preservatives and polyethylene glycol (PEG).


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